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Our Ethical Products

All our products are proudly 100% certified organic, meaning every single ingredient has passed rigorous Australian organic standards. Willow by the Sea contain no nasties ever, just as nature intended.

100% Certified organic

Each and every Willow by the Sea ingredient and product meets strict Australian organic standards, and we are proud to be 100% certified organic. This means the way we purchase ingredients, handle and manufacture products, clean equipment and ship to you all meet the ACO standard which upholds the highest level of quality. You can read more about ACO certification here. Our ACO cert no is: 12705.

Australian made & owned

We are proud to be developing our purely organic products near the ocean in beautiful Australia. We are a private company in control of manufacturing, working with suppliers who hold similar ethics toward global sustainability. Also being able to surf with dolphins most mornings is a dream come true.

Never tested on animals

We would never dream of testing anything on our furry little friends. We do test every product on ourselves and other willing humans.

non gmo

Absolutely none of our vast ingredient list has been genetically modified in any way, including no crop spraying or genetic engineering. Willow by the Sea is all natural, all the time.

Vegan friendly

Every product we create is vegan with the exception of our Bottom Balm, which does contain certified organic beeswax. To be certified organic, there needs to be a 5km radius of certified land around the hives. This means the bees are surrounded with land that has no chemicals or pesticides used on it so it is safe for them. It is rich with native forests and the bees are free to fly wherever they want. The little bees are played low levels of calming music and tucked up cosy for the winter. If there is not a surplus of honeycomb the hive is not harvested. The health of the bees always comes first.

Willow tested & approved

We were more than happy to test our products on ourselves, and were thrilled when our newborn daughter Willow benefited from and loved her namesake’s goodies.

Reusable container

There’s no need to ditch your Willow by the Sea bottles and containers after completed use. There are designed to be reusable so we can all do our bit for the environment.

Gluten free

Our Baby Oil, Bottom Balm, Belly Oil and Belly Butter are all gluten free.

Eco Conscious Packaging

We are passionate about global sustainability and seek to use packaging that provides people with a great product yet has minimal impact on our earth. Our outer packaging is made from 100% recycled post consumer waste, so not only is it 100% recyclable, its already been someone else’s product before we brought it back to life. Hopefully it will enjoy a third life.

100% organic ingredients, just as nature intended

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