A natural approach to nappy rash

A natural approach to nappy rash

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Those who have been through it know nappy rash is not a fun time, especially for the little bottoms inflicted. And despite our best intentions and practices, the common condition is likely to rear it’s red and irritating head at some stage during your newborn’s first year.

The main cause of nappy rash is wearing a wet or dirty nappy for too long, as prolonged dampness, friction and ammonia released from urine can irritate little one’s skin.

The best defense against the rash – which can be red, raw and spotty in appearance – is to change nappies frequently to minimise the amount of time bub is sitting in dampness. This well help keep their skin clean and dry. Check baby every hour or so, and change wet nappies straight away.

Experts tend to favour disposable nappies because they absorb moisture quicker, but if you’re using cloth nappies, it is important they are thoroughly washed of any soaps or detergents before wear, as this can also contribute to nappy rash.  

At every change, use lukewarm water and cotton wool or a light cotton cloth to gently clean bub’s skin. Although they’re convenient, disposable wipes can be very irritating for baby, and it’s best to avoid using them if you can.

Each day, let little one roam free sans pants (the dream!) to ensure proper ‘airing’ can occur.


When washing bub, use soap-free cleansers to avoid further irritation, and gently pat baby dry.

It is essential a barrier cream be applied after every nappy change and wash. Willow by the Sea’s Bottom Balm is a waterless and chamomile-infused balm that acts as a natural barrier between little bottoms and unwanted moisture and bacteria. It is also packed with highly concentrated sources of naturally occurring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, and will soothe bub’s bum on contact.

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