Why choose waterless products

Why choose waterless products

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Winter is just around the corner, and in our current state of isolation, we’re really looking forward to snuggling in front of the fire, and enjoying the comfort of hot water bottles and cosy bed socks. 

However, the colder months do tend to take their toll on our skin. It’s important to take a little extra care to stop our face and body drying out and becoming scaly or irritated. 

Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your skin is to avoid water-based beauty products? Here are three reasons why:


More water, fewer active ingredients

On a conservative note, water makes up about 70% of the usual lotions and creams you’ll find in the supermarket, department store or pharmacy. This leaves very room for active, working ingredients. 

When it comes to skincare, water is largely inactive – which means it doesn’t play any positive role in caring for your skin. It’s simply there, in many cases, to dilute a product and make it go further for the manufacturer. 

So if you’re looking for the best natural moisturiser, give water-based beauty products a wide berth.

Nourishing a growing Belly with waterless, 100% certified organic Belly Butter 


Water based products can actually dry out the skin

Another major problem with added water (and perhaps the biggest problem) is it can actually dry out the skin more than it nourishes. 

By contrast, all of Willow by the Sea’s products have a 100% waterless formula – which means our products are highly concentrated with powerful ingredients to naturally sooth skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. And less water means more natural, organic goodness for you and your skin.


Water in products can encourage bacteria growth

It’s also believed that many of the preservatives in beauty products are there because the water encourages bacteria growth – and that a water-free formulation allows for improved stabilisation, with no need for added emulsifiers or other additives. 

It’s one of the reasons why all the ingredients used by Willow by the Sea are 100% natural and organic. You can read more about them here

Avoiding water-based products is a great idea all year around – but as the weather cools and your skin has a tendency to get even drier than usual, it’s certainly worth paying the ingredients label some extra attention. Your skin will thank you! 


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