Suds no more

Suds no more

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Although there’s something wonderfully nostalgic about using the same soap bars our parents and grandparents favoured for no-fuss bath times, anyone who’s ever needed to apply copious amounts of hand cream after washing their hands knows how drying and damaging some soap can be.

And when it comes to washing newborns, babies and young children, the likelihood of certain chemicals and fragrances found in generic body washes irritating their delicate skin is a lot higher – not to mention, over-use of harsh soaps can strip the skin of not only bad bacteria, but good bacteria, too.

Instead of bathing little one with soaps that contain nasties such as parabens (preservatives used to prolong shelf life that can enter the bloodstream through our skin), sulfates (chemicals responsible for soap lather and bubbles that are particularly irritating for eczema sufferers) and triclosan (the chemical most often found in antibacterial soap that can actually promote the emergence and growth of bacteria resistant to antibiotic cleansers), look for alternatives that will nurture and nourish the skin, while leaving it clean and healthy. 


Willow by the Sea’s specially blended baby bath teas are packed with only naturally occurring ingredients, such as anti-bacterial calendula and deeply moisturising organic oats, which make them gentle but powerful body cleansers.

We’ve skipped the inclusion of man-made fragrance, too, opting instead to let gorgeous combinations of flowers do what they do best – smell amazing!

Try CALM to help settle and soothe your overtired bub; SOOTHE to help ease the discomfort of nappy rash and eczema; and BREATHE for when bub is feeling under the weather. 

A ten-minute soak with our teas in lukewarm water will naturally clean little one of any bad bacteria without exposing them to unwanted chemicals, or drying out their delicate skin. A generous application of baby oil directly after bath time will be soaked up in a flash, leaving bub (and their bottom) very soft indeed.

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