Your Story Matters.


What is your name and Cultural background?

Jessie Reynolds, Born and Bred Australian woman.

What is home to you?

My husband and our bulldog is my true home. We are so grateful and happy as a family to live in Sydney, Australia.

What has been your biggest challenge with pregnancy?

I travel internationally frequently for work, so I have been unable to work since 26 weeks. This has been a shift in my lifestyle that will inevitably continue after my baby’s arrival. Something I will continuously navigate over time.

And the best?

Everything. I’ve adored my pregnancy journey. The oxytocin (love hormone) that has come with my pregnancy has brought me a profound amount of joy, gratitude and happiness. The respect and love I have for my body during pregnancy is invaluable.

When do you feel most yourself? 

When I’m in a positive mindset, a healthy balance of my feminine and masculine energy. Taking care of my mind and body, inside and out, physically and spiritually. 

What is something from your childhood that you will bring into your child’s? 

Open and honest communication. A safe, healthy, happy home environment that is filled implicitly with love and respect for each other and oneself.



Your favourite skincare ritual..

 My skin care ritual is my biggest form of self care. Even more so during pregnancy. 

Evening bath with oil, followed by a several step face and body skincare routine. 

Absolute bliss! 

Why do you choose organic? 

 I respect my health and well-being, so I choose organic options in skincare, food and in our household products. The impact of choosing organic is influential in my overall health and maintaining the best version of myself.



Your favourite scent, sound, smell….


Sounds of nature (birds, water, waves, wind, any form of nature.) 

Smell of freshly cut grass. 

Your deepest fear…

The inability to bottle this sense of happiness that I have and the fear that it’s unattainable. I fear that one day this sense of happiness will be taken from me though grief or loss. And I anticipate many more fears to evolve through parenthood.



What are you most excited about… 

 The very moment I get to meet my baby for the first time. Meeting this person we’ve created and kissing my baby’s face. The newborn phase is going to be my weakness. 

The best advice you have received for pregnancy is… 

 “Always turn to each other.” This advice was given in reference to my husband and I. I’ve remembered this and will continue to reflect on this advice through the challenges that will come with being parents.



What are you most grateful for...... 

 My health. The simplicity of the life I live and the contentment that comes with having the love and support of my husband and family. 

During my pregnancy, I have felt a kindness in the community that I never truly acknowledged, a beautiful enlightenment. 

Three words to describe how you feel about childbirth?

Vulnerable. Powerful. Excited. 

My name is


The very moment I get to meet my baby for the first time. Meeting this person we’ve created and kissing my baby’s face. The newborn phase is going to be my weakness.

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Your Story Matters.

Everyone is unique and has their own journey to experience. Expecting mothers share tales of life, vulnerabilities, and the profound significance of motherhood, reminding us all that "Your Story Matters."