Your Story Matters.


What is your name and Cultural background? 

My name is Natarsha Pearce and my background I am Australian, with Maltese and French heritage. 

What feels like home to you? 

A place that has warm afternoon light :) 

Your dream morning looks like…

English breakfast tea, avocado bagel and sitting in the sun.


What do you do to feel renewed? 

I really love having a day of self care, i love doing my own nails, washing my hair, exercising all in one day. Makes me feel like I've achieved a lot.

When do you feel most like yourself? 

When i’m with my husband, doing anything with him feels natural 🙂

What is your favourite part of being pregnant? 

Connecting with my baby and watching him grow

And the most unexpected? 

How tired I actually am! I didn't think I would be this tired haha


Your favourite scent, sound, smell?

Scent; Incense, Sound; Cat purring, Smell; Either fresh coffee or cooking onion and garlic 

Your favourite skincare ritual is? 


Why do you prefer organic products? 

I’ve always been conscious about what I put into my body, so naturally I’m conscious of what I put on it too.

 Your deepest fear? 

Losing someone who is most special to me

What you are most excited about?

Our first bubba of course!


My name is


I’ve always been conscious about what I put into my body, so naturally I’m conscious of what I put on it too.

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The best advice you have received for parenthood is… 

Savour those early months with your baby and always respect your partner and helping each other.

What is something from your childhood that you will bring into your child’s? 

Singing him to sleep and playing lots of music.

What are you most grateful for? 

Right now i’m most grateful for my husband, Bub being healthy and my mother’s health, she has previously had cancer.

Three words that sum up how you feel about childbirth… 

Excited, nervous and intrigued

Tarsh used Belly Butter and Belly Oil throughout her pregnancy.
Interviewed by Ebony Burgess for Your Story Matters.
Photographed by Ebony Burgess.

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    Your Story Matters.

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