Your Story Matters.



What is your name and cultural background?

Amy-Lee, Australian.


What does home mean to you?

A safe, comfortable place with my family.


What is your favourite thing to do with your family?

Spending time outside and taking Ollie places, to the park, beach, zoo.



What has been your biggest struggle with falling or being pregnant?

The hardest part for me, is being pregnant after loss and the anxiety that comes with that.


And your favourite part?

Feeling Bubba wriggle around in my belly and watching my body change to grow a little Human.


How is this pregnancy different from your last?

I am definitely less anxious with this pregnancy compared to my last. During my last pregnancy, I experienced bleeding and had a period of bed rest, which was very scary. I was constantly worried that we would lose our baby, like we lost our daughter, Harper, at 19 weeks in my first pregnancy.





What has been your favourite lesson learnt from growing babies and/or being a Mum?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything else can wait.  You never get this precious time back with your babies.


What has been the most unexpected part of parenthood?

The support and lifelong friends I have made through my mum’s group. That joy and hard times can co-exist.


What is something from your childhood that you will bring into your children’s?

Lots of play outside and reading books before bed. I also spent a lot of time with my nan and pop growing up, and I feel so lucky that Ollie and our soon-to-be new arrival have grandparents that love and adore them like I had.



How would you describe yourself before having children?

A bit of a gym junkie that loved getting up early. A people pleaser.


And after?

I am definitely no longer a people pleaser, and my family comes first.



Your favourite skincare ritual…

Getting a facial regularly.


Why do you choose organic?

Less chemicals used means better for your skin and the environment.



Your favourite taste, sound and scent…

- Chocolate, sounds of the ocean, fresh roses from our garden.


What favourite piece of pregnancy or parenting advice do you always fall back on?

My favourite pregnancy advice that has gotten me through those tough periods of anxiety is “Today you are pregnant and in this moment everything is okay”. I also love “I am not going to let the fear of tomorrow, rob me of the joy of today”.


How do you feel about child birth in 3 words…

- Beautiful, Empowering, Magical.




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Your Story Matters.

Everyone is unique and has their own journey to experience. Expecting mothers share tales of life, vulnerabilities, and the profound significance of motherhood, reminding us all that "Your Story Matters."