Your Story Matters.



What is your name and cultural background?

Laura, my mum is from the UK and my dad is Australian. 


What does home mean to you?

Where my loved ones are, where I’m most comfortable and safe. When I think of the word ‘home’ I think of my husband and daughter.




What has been the hardest part of falling/being pregnant?

The exhaustion. Especially now I’m also chasing a toddler around. 


How is this pregnancy different from your last?

I can’t rest when I need to, the same as I’m chasing after my very energetic toddler. I also don’t have the same flexibility to have ‘me time’ like I did before. 


What does your dream morning look like?

With my family, somewhere outdoors with a beautiful view, coffee in hand. 



What has been your favourite lesson learnt from growing babies?

Time flies, soak it up. Your time and attention is the best gift you can give them.


What is something from your childhood that you will bring into your children’s?

Dinner time being family time, which I believe has contributed to our daughter being explorative with trying lots of foods as well as picking up cutlery skills well.



How would you describe yourself before having children?

Career driven, passionate, very active. 


And after?

Complete priority shift. Spending time with my daughter is my priority, being the person to teach her things and watching her learn and grow trumps any work progress. I also try to stay active with her rather than leave her to go to the gym. 


When do you feel most like yourself?

When I’m outdoors. Especially in the water or on a bike. Very lucky my family loves these activities. 



Your favourite skincare ritual…

Nighttime cleanse, serum, moisturiser - simples. Then adding something lush to my growing belly. I also drink a lot of herbal tea to stay hydrated. 


Why do you choose organic?

As a dietitian I aim to eat quality food, it makes sense to put quality ingredients onto our skin given it’s our biggest organ. 


Your favourite taste, sound and scent…

Taste- when I’m not pregnant- coffee. 

Sound- my daughter’s laughter 

Scent- my daughter- Mumma's will get this. So excited for the newborn smell! 



What do you do to feel renewed?

Jump into the sea or ocean baths! 


What is your greatest joy of being a Mother?

Seeing your little person happy, watching them learn and see their little personalities shine through. 


 Is there anything that you struggled with postpartum the first time? 

Setting clear boundaries. I stated what I wanted but when people crossed the line, I didn’t speak up like I should have on the spot. I did speak up eventually but unfortunately it wasn’t well received. 



What will you do differently postpartum this time?
If you didn’t respect my husband and mine’s wishes the first time around, you will not be invited over during the postpartum period the second time around. Postpartum is about healing and bonding as a family, you shouldn’t be around anyone that doesn’t support that.


What favourite piece of pregnancy or parenting advice do you always fall back on?

When they’re crying or having a meltdown: ‘they’re having a hard time, not giving you a hard time’. It’s easy to get overwhelmed but remembering they’re trying to communicate something and it’s my job to find out what that is and support them helps. 


How do you feel about child birth in 3 words…

Daunting, exciting, empowering 


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Your Story Matters.

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