Your Story Matters.


What is your name and cultural background?

Nat, I have a European background but was born in Australia.


What does home mean for you? 

Home means comfort. There are a lot of memories to be made in the mundane, like lazy Sunday afternoons on the couch or family BBQs in the summer.


What has been the hardest part about falling or being pregnant? 

The anxiety and tendency to overthink everything. There’s a sense of relinquishing control and just ‘being’, which is hard to do but a worthwhile lesson at the same time.


And the best part? 

Feeling baby girl’s little kicks every evening when I get into bed.



One thing you have learnt since growing a baby has been.. 

to trust my body – it knows what it’s doing even if I feel like I don’t.


Something from your childhood that you will bring into your child’s? 

Baking together (and of course, licking the bowl) and playing sport/being active.



Your favourite skincare ritual is... 

More recently, it’s been five minutes post-shower to apply a body moisturiser or butter. It sounds simple, but I’ve always skipped this step-in favour of rushing to do something else, and my dry skin thanks me.


Why do you prefer organic? 

It’s reassuring to know exactly what goes into a product, especially when I consider what products to use on my baby.


Your favourite scent...



& sound?..

Rain after a hot summer’s day.



You are nervous about... 

Navigating completely new territory after baby. It’s a lot of ‘firsts’ for them and me. And sleep deprivation!


You are most excited about…

Reliving all my favourite memories and making new ones with someone who is half me, half my partner. Showing them the world, and being their world. That’s pretty special


And most grateful for......

 Having a healthy pregnancy.



What has been the best pregnancy advice you have received? 

To block out all the advice and just go with my gut.


How you feel about child birth in 3 words… 

Lean into it

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Your Story Matters.

Everyone is unique and has their own journey to experience. Expecting mothers share tales of life, vulnerabilities, and the profound significance of motherhood, reminding us all that "Your Story Matters."