Your Story Matters.


What is your name and cultural background? 

My name is Brigette. I’m Bolivian/American.

What does home mean to you? 

A home is somewhere you feel comfortable and brings peace to your family.

 How has your pregnancy journey been? 

My first trimester I was sick and nauseous everyday. I was eating every 90 minutes-2 hours (even at night when I was supposed to be sleeping!)


What is one thing you have learnt since growing a baby? 

Be patient with my body. To take it easy and not push myself. This is my journey and not to compare myself to others.

What is something from your childhood that you will bring into your child’s? 

Love for nature and being outdoors. Language exposure.

When do you feel most like yourself? 

When I feel good about myself, when I don’t need to pretend and think of what others think.



Your favourite scent, sound, smell….

I enjoy the scent of baking bread. I enjoy the sound of frogs and crickets after a rainy evening. I like the smell of my son’s clean skin after a shower.

 What is your deepest fear? 

Having another miscarriage  

What are you most excited about? 

Having my son play with his baby sibling.


And most grateful for? 

For this opportunity to be a mom a second time. Living in a beautiful home.

Your favourite skincare ritual…

Rubbing oil on my belly and exfoliating in the shower after a long day at work.

 Why do you choose organic? 

You have one body and it’s important to treat it like a temple and especially when someone else depends on every single thing (air, food, sleep). My baby growing inside me does not have a choice, I have to make wise choices in order for them to grow and be healthy. 




What is the best pregnancy advice you have received? 

Take lots of naps before the baby arrives. 

How I feel about child birth in 3 words… 

Anxious, terrified, exhilarating

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Your Story Matters.

Everyone is unique and has their own journey to experience. Expecting mothers share tales of life, vulnerabilities, and the profound significance of motherhood, reminding us all that "Your Story Matters."