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What is your name and cultural background?

My name is Shannon, and I’m Australian. 

What feels like home to you..

The ocean. I was born in North QLD and spent a large majority of my life on the Gold Coast. I’ve always been happiest when near the water.


Can you tell us how your pregnancy journey has been?

My road to pregnancy was quite tumultuous. There was a real feeling of whiplash. I had been told it was not likely I could conceive and it was explained to me that attempting IVF at the time would be like bombing a building that had already been bombed 10 times. 

I was focusing on my health, trying to nurture my body as much as I could to hopefully attempt IVF in the future while I was also trying to accept that motherhood might not be on the cards for me, when I fell pregnant naturally. Though it was everything I had wanted, the first few weeks it was difficult to adjust to my sudden change in circumstances and trust that everything would be ok. 

I am really grateful to have had quite a low risk pregnancy and been lucky enough not to experience too many intense symptoms. I can usually be quite an anxious person but for the most part I have felt really calm and at ease throughout my pregnancy. It is such a welcomed change and I’m hoping that continues on into motherhood.



How have these challenges impacted your perspective on fertility and motherhood?

My view on fertility has actually improved. I feel quite empowered that though the test results weren’t great, through making better choices and really caring for myself and my health I was able to achieve the outcome I wanted. As challenging as it was, my experience has removed a lot of fear. It’s taught me the benefit of those changes and now I get to carry them into motherhood.

Words of love would you give to someone facing similar challenges?

Don’t give up on yourself! Listen to and trust in your body. You are your biggest champion. 

The best part about being pregnant is…

Feeling my babies little kicks and never being alone. He’s always there with me.



And the hardest part?

Truthfully, the changes to my body. As much as I welcome them, knowing my body is doing everything it needs to grow and nurture my child, it’s been difficult to go through such significant change in such a short period of time. Sometimes I don’t recognise the person in the mirror. 

 When do you feel renewed?

At the end of the day, post shower, when the house is clean, I’ve done my skincare and I join my dog and my partner to do my night time stretching.

What is something from your childhood that you will bring into your child’s?

I spent a lot of time outdoors as a child and I would like to encourage the same for my son.



Your favourite skincare ritual…

I’m quite simple when it comes to my skincare, I don’t have a huge step by step routine though I have really loved adding in my bump! It’s a lovely way to connect with him each day.  

Why do you prefer organic?

I learned a lot about the chemicals and toxins we are exposed to in everyday life throughout my journey to pregnancy. Both in the food we eat and the products we use. I truly believe reducing my exposure to them played an integral role in my son’s conception and I know that making the choice to opt for organic wherever I can has only improved and will continue to improve my health, and the health of my family.  

When do you feel most yourself?

I am very much a nurturer. I have really loved maternity leave and spending my days at home with my dog, able to solely focus on caring for my family and spending a lot more time outside. I have always known I wanted to be a mother and stepping into this phase of my life,  I’ve never felt more like me.

My name is


Meeting my baby and getting to know him! Though I feel so connected to him already, I don’t know who he is. I can’t wait to watch him grow and learn all about him.

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Your deepest fear?

Prior to falling pregnant, it was that I would never have children. I have experienced endometriosis symptoms since my cycle first began when I was 15. I sought help at different stages in the past 15 years but always hesitated checking my fertility, too worried that my fears would be confirmed. Those fears only worsened the older I got, then roughly 10 months before my 30th birthday I decided to take action. I knew that I was in a better place mentally and emotionally to handle the outcome than I had been, I also knew it would likely only be harder to conceive the older I got and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity that might not be available later on. A friend of mine had recently had a laparoscopy and it had drastically improved her symptoms. She had great things to say about her surgeon and I decided to make an appointment. At the same time I sought out a nutritionist who specialised in hormones. We began some testing and after countless months of tracking, testing and a surgery, my fears were confirmed. Not only were my AMH levels significantly low, my egg quality was poor and I was being treated for suspected premature ovarian failure. Receiving the news was horrible. I remember laying on my bedroom floor one night after receiving test results just sobbing. It kick-started a really difficult period of time for me emotionally but I didn’t give up hope. I focused on my nutrition, eating quality, nutrient dense foods, I removed as many toxins from my home as I could and made some major lifestyle changes to reduce my stress levels. Miraculously a few months later I fell pregnant unexpectedly and I’ve been lucky enough to carry my baby boy until now. I’m 38 weeks today, due to meet him very soon. 

What are you most excited about?

Meeting my baby and getting to know him! Though I feel so connected to him already, I don’t know who he is. I can’t wait to watch him grow and learn all about him.

 And most grateful for?

My partner and the opportunity to grow our child. Having been told how unlikely this could be for me, after so many years of worrying that would be the case, I can’t explain the gratitude I feel that this is my life.

How you feel about childbirth in three words…

Inspiring, empowering, challenging


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Your Story Matters.

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