Your Story Matters.


Name & Cultural background: 

Ashlee & Australian


What home feels like to you:

Home is comfort, nurturing, supportive. It is a sacred space for me and no matter where I am living I am always intentional with creating an environment that feels like this to me. 


Your dream morning looks like: 

Slow. No alarms, allowing my body to wake up when it feels ready. Long morning showers. Skincare. Hydration and then a coffee sitting in the sun. 

What has been your experience falling pregnant: 

My experience falling pregnant was not planned but we were open to it happening in the right timing - we trusted that when it was meant to happen it would & it did. My pregnancy experience has honestly been the most beautiful experience. I have not been sick and I have felt well for most of my pregnancy. At 39 weeks, I am starting to feel uncomfortable and crying at the drop of a hat but I truly feel so grateful for my pregnancy experience and find it the most incredible thing how a woman's body allows her to bring life into this world.


What do you love most about being pregnant & growing life:  

I have never felt more confident in myself & my own skin. I am in awe of women and what we are capable of. I love feeling my baby boy from the inside.


What has been the most surprising aspect of pregnancy for you: 

The most surprising thing for me is the experience I have had being pregnant- I know each pregnancy is so different for each woman and baby but I had so much fear about pregnancy & birth initially because of having other’s experiences & fears projected onto me. Everything I knew about pregnancy was predominantly negative and this has not been my pregnancy experience at all.



When do you feel most like myself: 

When I am in my own space - I love being in comfortable clothing and in an environment that feels grounding which is something I like to create in any space I live in. My home is my haven. 


What is something from your childhood that you will bring in for your child’s: 

In my childhood home we had a back sunroom where my mum had a record player and we would spend our days putting on record after record and I would be so content dancing, singing and being silly all day long. This was my childhood & I was so happy to do this all day everyday. I want to bring this same energy of playfulness & simplicity into my baby boy’s childhood. 


The most important lesson you want your child to learn: 

I don’t have any lessons as such - more so I just want to provide him with a safe space to have his own experiences and fully express himself.



Your favourite skincare ritual :

 Moisturising, facial massage and spf. I like simplicity in my skincare, as long as I do these things each morning after a shower I feel like I’m ready for the day. 


Why do you choose organic products: 

I choose organic products because I know the importance of the integrity in what we put onto our skin. You get out what you put in. I also just feel better in myself knowing the quality of the ingredients that I am using on my skin. It’s important.




Your scent: 

My favourite scent is something woody, spicy and grounding. 


What am you most anxious about entering into this new phase of life: 

Honestly probably the sleep deprivation and hormonal shifts that I don’t have control over. 


What are you most excited for: 

Meeting my baby boy, finally seeing his face and all his little features. I can’t wait to be a mum - I truly feel like I was made to do this and I fully welcome and embrace this new season of motherhood. 



The best advice you’ve received for parenthood: 

To listen to my own intuition over anything or anyone else. 


3 words that sum up how you feel about childbirth:

Light, love & purity. Also beautifully messy! 


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Your Story Matters.

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